Substance Use and Addictions

Click here to link to "Youth & Drugs and Mental Health: A Resource for Professionals" published by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Part I presents an overview of youth substance use and mental health. Part II is an appendix with information on risk factors, screening and assessment tools, medications, and various substances. Part III is a treatment manual entitled "First Contact: A Brief Treatment for Young Substance Users with Mental Health Problems".            


Clinician-Administered Tools

CRAFFT Adolescent Alcohol and Substance Use Screen

Substance Use Questions for Youth

Youth Gambling Screen    


Educational Patient Handouts

"About Alcohol" (link to CAMH site)

"About Marijuana" (link to CAMH site) 

"Partying and Getting Drunk" (CAMH publication)

Substance Abuse in Children and Adolescents (Offord Centre)                   

Troubles liés à la consommation d'une substance chez les enfants et les adolescents (Offord Centre) 

Self-Help Resources  

Youth Substance Use and Addiction Websites