We recommend that you review the information in the Overview  first as it is essential to guide your use of the resources listed in each section.

Overview - Understanding, Screening, Treatment

Clinician-Administered Screening Tools

ADHD Screening Tools

ADHD Screening Questions                  

SNAP-IV 90-item 

SNAP-IV 18-item (inattention + hyperactivity)

SNAP-IV 26-item (inattention + hyperactivity + ODD)

ADHD Online Scales                                      

ASRS-v 1.1 (adult ADHD rating scale)

Cardiac Screen


Functional Impairment and Co-Morbid Screens

Weiss Functional Impairment (Parent Report)

Anxiety (SCARED ChildSCARED Parent)


Substance Use

Suicide Risk 



Educational Patient Handouts

ADHD - What's That?

ADHD Recommended Treatment Plan

Attention Problems in Children and Adolescents (Offord Centre)

Problèmes d’attention chez les enfants et les jeunes (Offord Centre)

Educational Resources for Patients (websites, DVDs)


Treatment Resources

Parenting Strategies

What Can Be Done at Home

Guidelines for Successfully Parenting ADHD Children

Parenting ADHD Teens

General Tips for Parents of Children with ADHD

ADHD and Eating

ADHD and Sleep 


Social Skills and Behaviour Interventions

10 Tips for Impulse Control

Anger Busters

How to Help Kids with ADHD Be Organized

My Jobs List

My Morning Jobs List              


Academic Interventions

What Can Be Done to Help with School Success

ADHD Classroom Accommodations

Accommodations to Help Students with ADHD

Letter Request for School Accommodation

School Rewards

Homework Tips



Basic Facts about ADHD Medications

Pharmacological Treatment for ADHD


Self-Help Resources

Educational Resources for Parents, Children & Teens