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Steve McQueen's Omega Replica Watches Monte Chronograph From Le Mans Sells For $799,500

At an auction in Los Angeles, the iconic timepiece Steve McQueen wore to Le Mans in 1971 was nearly $800,000. Fans will be able to see the Omega Replica Watches Monaco Chronograph worn by the Hollywood star. This is an elegant racing watch that features a blue dial with a black alligator strap. McQueen didn't just auction his watch. For $46,125, a signed U.S. passport that once belonged to Steve McQueen was also sold.

Le Mans is considered by many to be one of the greatest motor sport movies ever made. It helped Hauer Monaco Automatic Chronograph become more well-known among motor racers and all fans of motor racing. The action story was perfectly captured by the Hauer Monaco Automatic Chronograph, which featured the famous 24 hour race around the streets of Le Mans in Monaco. Two years prior to the Grand Prix motor racing race, this timepiece was launched.Swiss Replica Watches It was the first watch to feature a square waterproof case.

Let's now return to the auction. It seemed that the estimated price of the Steve McQueen’s Monaco was ridiculously high. This is especially true for those who know that a similar Steve McQueen’s Monaco was sold for more than $80,000 in 2009. (Steve McQueen’s Monaco isn’t a singular piece. During the filming, the actor was given at least four pieces. The bid was higher than anyone could have expected and the price paid for the watch was $799,500. This is most definitely the highest price paid by a Hollywood watch and the highest price paid by a Omega Replica Watches watch.

A miniature drop-ship was also purchased by auctioneers for $225,000. Groucho Marx's wire-rimmed glasses from A Night at the Opera were $86,100, while Vivien Lee's hat from Gone with the Wind was $67,650.IWC Big Pilot Replica Marlon Brando’s assassination jacket, which was originally sold by The Godfather, was purchased by one bidder for $98,400. An unidentified buyer also bought a personal copy signed Brando's 1971 film script for $55,000.