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Friday, June 15, 2012

Plenary Sessions

Collaborative care in British Columbia - Jamie Marshall & Lyn MacBeath

Concurrent Session 1

Shared mental health care: Who, what, when, where, why? - Graham Meadows

Feasibility and effectiveness of self-care interventions for
mental health disorders in primary care: Trends and challenges
 - Jane McCusker, Dan Bilsker, Mark A. Lau & Leslie Born 

Developing a collaborative community detox program - Lyn MacBeath, Jamie Marshall & Robert Baker 

A community partnership towards more comprehensive addiction treatment in primary care - Carol Melnick, John Steriopoulos, Tracy Kirby & Jackee Evans

Challenges of integrating networks: Addressing the transformation of roles and relationships within the youth mental health system in Quebec's multi-ethnic neighbourhoods - Lucie Nadeau, Suzanne Deshaies & Janique Johnson-Lafleur

Teaching behavioral sciences to family practice residents: The shared care approach - Jon Davine & Randy Goossen

Reaching out: Creating synergy among urban and rural mental health providers while enhancing group work capacity with
children and families
 - Janice C. Burke & Natasha Curran

Selling your idea – so it becomes their idea – is core to it becoming our idea - Michael O'Connell

Collaborative care for mental health and substance use issues: An overview of reviews - Victoria Jeffries, Amanda Slaunwhite, Nicole Wallace, Matthew Menear, Heather Ganshorn, Jennifer Dotchin

Why bother with shared mental health care? - Tena Hoekstra & Jean Leong

Concurrent Session 2

Smart mental health care where it matters: Primary Mental Health Intervention Service - Michael O'Connell

What helps people with a mental illness stop smoking? - Annette Bradfield, Kerri-Anne Mullen & Donna Pettey

Primary care stone soup: Improving quality of collaborative care through development of two innovative mental health intake processes - Cynthia Forrest & Agnes Leoniuk

Trauma and chronic pain: A collaborative approach to treatment - Kerry McLean Small, Lyn MacBeath & Rae Samson

VCH/PHC perinatal depression strategy: Collaboration in action - Christie Newton, Yasmin Jetha & Sheila Duffy

The child and adolescent mental health toolkits for primary care - Helen R. Spenser & Blair Ritchie

Who, what, where, why and how of primary care paediatric mental health continuing medical education events - Clare Gray, Katherine Young & Paula Cloutier

Training in collaborative mental health care - Nicholas Watters, Elliot Goldner, Jenny Barley, Nick Kates

Environmental scan of provincial initiatives directed toward improving primary mental health care delivery - Elliot M. Goldner

Managing depression as a chronic condition - Douglas Green

Formative evaluation of practice changes for managing depression in primary care in Manitoba - Julie Beaulac

Collaborative mental health care for depression: What aspects are important to patients?  - Jane McCusker, Mark Yaffe, Tamara Sussman, Nick Kates, Gillian Mulvale, Ajantha Jayabarathan, Susan Law & Jeannie Haggerty 

Connecting the silos for complex pain patients - June Bergman & Jean Leong

Primary care collaboration in a Family Health Team - Brian Hay


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Plenary Sessions

A bit better, bit by bit: Strategic and piecemeal developments in Australia primary mental health - Graham Meadows

The mental health strategy for England - Hugh Griffiths

The next five years: Better health, better care, better value? - Nick Kates

Concurrent Session 3

Collaborative child and youth mental healthcare - Garey Mazowita, Iliana Garcia-Ortega, Marcus Hollander & Liza Kallstrom

Analysis of collaboration between emergency departments and a geriatric psychiatry community clinic - Vickie Demers & Linda Gobessi

Making sense from the chaos: Tips for working on a MOBILE Team - Lessons learned from The Ottawa Shared Mental Health Care Team - Donna Klinck & Pamela Cooper

An innovative model for shared care: Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise (RACE) - Randall F. White & Margot Wilson

Supporting collaborative care through mental health groups in primary care - Jackie Bootsma & Marian Schorr

King Street Center: A project in integration - Tara Mochizuki, Rae Samson, Shirley Sze, Doug Hamilton, Kurt Buller & Gail Zowty

The feasibility of delivering a supported depression self-care intervention in primary care for older adults with comorbid chronic physical illness (Project DIRECT-sc) - Jane McCusker

Collaboration across theories: Local, professional knowledge(s) and their interactions in Ottawa, Ontario - Noah M. P. Spector

Work and mental illness: Understanding those with work-
related mental health issues in a collaborative primary care setting
 - John Haggarty, S. Kathleen Bailey & Janelle Jarva

From anguish to advocacy: Responding to my daughter’s
schizoaffective disorder
 - Susan Inman

Fraser Health mental health & substance use integrated primary & community care - Jenn Blatchford, Linda Curtis, Terry Isomura, Polly Kainth & Chrystal Mihelic

Psychosis Treatment Optimization Program: Community-based collaboration - Mansoon Anwar & Debbie Thompson

Sanford One Mind: Meeting the behavioral health needs of ALL Sanford patients by fully integrating behavioral health services within all Sanford primary and specialty health care settings - L. Read Sulik