The 11th Canadian Conference on Collaborative Mental Health Care took place from Thursday, May 13 to Saturday, May 15, 2010 at the Delta Winnipeg.

Message from the Conference Co-Chairs:

Hello to all!

We hope you were able to take home some excellent practical solutions and warm memories from the 11th Canadian Conference in Winnipeg.  We’re excited to have had representation from various parts of Canada at the conference and the participation of consumers and professionals alike.

The opportunity to meet became a window to look into the Shared Care movement and see how it is effectively functioning across our country.  Your participation and presence here in Winnipeg made this conference a significantly successful event and we’re hoping that it has encouraged you in your many roles that aim to promote collaboration within primary health care.

The challenges that were presented from the podium to rethink our stance on mental health were refreshing.  The various sessions provided new and practical information to use in our clinical practices.  The preconference programs were very informative and much appreciated as per the responses by participants.  Many have informed us of their appreciation of our speakers, the food, the entertainment and the chance to meet others with similar interests.  We have fond memories of the Multicultural evening, Coffee house, and Drum Café - drumming, dancing and listening to music. Check out the website at for a parade of pictures from the conference which we hope will bring back some wonderful memories.  

As well, presentations from the conference have now also been posted on the website.  If you intended to send us your presentation and have not yet done so, send it to and she will post it for you.

The challenge that our theme provided, “Keeping One Step Ahead”, continues to prod us on to explore, listen, learn and apply new and creative knowledge within our practice of collaborative care.  We’re hoping the conference provided this opportunity for you.  Thank you for making our conference an exciting and meaningful event!

We look forward to seeing you at future conferences!  Take care til the next time!

Dr. R. B. Goossen and Dr. Jamie Boyd


Friday May 14, 2010

Concurrent Session 1

1.3 Promoting physical activity for mental health: the state of the eidence and practical tips - Dr. Julie Beaulac and Dr. AnnaMarie Carlson

1.4 Practical approaches and solutions for child and youth mental health in primary care: "A tale of two cities" - Dr. Helen R. Spenser, Dr. Blair Ritchie, Dr. Peter Kondra, and Brenda Mills

1.5 A primary care service response for families of substance-using persons - Carol Melnick

1.9 Shared or segregated? Comparing perspectives on primary mental health care in Northern Ontario - Dr. J. Robert Swenson and Dr. Raymond Pong

1.11 Implementing best practices guidelines related to tobacco use to promote prevention and health promotion - Mary-Lou Martin

1.12 Enhancing the continuum of mental health services in rural Manitoba - Dr. Melissa Thiessen and Marcelle Falk

1.13 Walk-in counselling: increasing access to mental health services in primary care - Kate Jasper and Brad LaForme

1.15 Creating a client self-managing plan for mental wellness: strengthening quality of life for persons with cognitive disabilities and mental health needs - Dr. Sherri Melrose

Plenary Session

Toward recovery and well-being: an update on Mental Health Strategy development - Mary Bartram

Keynote Presentation

A culture of well being - Dr. Catherine L. Cook

Concurrent Session 2

2.2 Partnership and youth mental health services in urban multicultural settings - Dr. Lucie Nadeau

2.5 Spirituality and recovery from mental illness - Chris Summerville

2.6 Faith in Practice - Dr. Randolph B. Goossen

2.8 Cultural competence: strategies for working more effectively cross-culturally - Dr. Julie Beaulac, Marcela Olavarria and Dr. Maxine Holmqvist

2.9 Improving the health of Canadians through mental health - Andrew Taylor

2.13 Increasing detection of mild to moderate depression and access to treatment in primary care: "Rise UP" pilot project - Dr. Leslie Born and Adrienne Sloan

2.14 Using web technologies to strengthen mental health services in primary care - Dr. John Walker

2.15 Postsecondary students' information needs and pathways for help with stress, anxiety and depression - Dr. Ken Hahlweg

2.16 Searching for answers: how well do depression websites answer the public's questions on treatment choices - Kaitlyn Walsh  

Concurrent Session 3

3.1 Developing information aids to help consumers and providers with decisions concerning treatment of anxiety or depression - Dr. John Walker

3.3 Beyond booking an interpreter: developing cultural competence in a collaborative care setting - Dr. Julie Henderson and Dr. Nadiya Sunderji

3.5 Interdisciplinary collaboration between primary care, mental health and public health: staff perspectives and client stories - Renata Cook, Dvora Braunstein, Nancy Heinrichs and Shannon Carpentier 

3.10 Integrating mental health services into primary care: a Canadian example - Dr. Nick Kates

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Concurrent Session 4

4.1 The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) Shared Care Team next steps: patient transfer from acute tertiary outpatient to Family Health Teams - Dr. Katharine Gillis, Dr. Robert Swenson, Dr. Doug Green, Colleen MacPhee, and Claudia Hampel

4.4 Teaching behavioural sciences to family practice residents: the "shared care" approach - Dr. Jon Davine and Dr. Ainsley Moore

4.6 Stomping out stigma: summit conferences for youth - Bob Heeney 

Stomping out stigma 2 - Durham Talking About Mental Illness

4.8 To understand the impact of the behavioural health consultant model on postpartum depression scores in a family physician office - Dr. Ernst Greyvenstein and Barbara Rodrigues

4.9 A third year program in psychiatry for family doctors - Dr. Jon Davine and Dr. Ainsley Moore

4.11 Developing a Mental Health Strategy for Canada: Phase II: Toward a recovery-oriented mental health system  - Francine Knoops and Mary Bartram

Keynote Presentation

Nurturing resilience in mental health providers - Dr. Dermot Hurley

Closing Presentation

Towards 2015: next steps for collaborative care - Dr. Nick Kates

Conference Program

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Pre-Conference Institutes

Pre-Conference Institute Option 1
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Assessment and Skills in Realistic Primary Care Time - Dr. Helen Campbell, Ms. Magee Miller, Ms. Jan Stretch, Dr. Rivian Weinerman and Dr. Bruce Hobsen
Thursday, May 13, 2010 - 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

Pre-Conference Institute Option 2 
What to Do About Pain? Interventions for Clients with Chronic Pain - Dr. Michael Sullivan  Thursday, May 13, 2010 - 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.