Complete program from the 2009 Conference in Hamilton, Ontario 

Consumer Audit Recommendations

Feedback and recommendations were invited from consumers auditing the 2009 conference.

Discussion Group Recommendations

Four groups met to discuss "Advancing the Consumer Voice" and made recommendations on (1) Countering Stigma, (2) Shared Decision-Making and Health Literacy, (3) The Future - What Would a Consumer-/Patient-Driven System Look Like? and (4) Youth Involvement in Mental Health Awareness and Promotion.



1A Generating Practice Change in Mental Health Organizations - Dan Bilsker
1A System Redesign: A Study of Mackenzie, British Columbia. Patient, Community and Shared Care - Heidi-Ann Johns
1B Integrating Mental Health Services into Primary Care: Developments in Quebec - Mission Impossible?? - Andre Delorme
1B Reforming Primary Care Mental Health Services in Alberta - Roger Bland
1B GPSC Mental Health Module: "Making It Real" - Rivian Weinerman
1C A Resident-Designed Rotation in Shared Care: What Residents Need in Order to Practice Community Collaboration - Blair Ritchie
1C The New Training Guidelines for Shared Mental Health Care - Nick Kates
1C Teaching Behavioural Sciences to Family Practice Residents: The "Shared Care" Approach - Jon Davine and Ainsley Moore
1D Quality of Life ... Defined by People Living with Schizophrenia and Their Families - Chris Summerville and Neasa Martin
1D Expanding Shared Care Through Stigma Reduction - Marvin Ross
1E Healthy You: Addressing Obesity in Primary Care - Tracy Hussey and Adrienne Sloan
1E The Non-Diet Approach to Healthy Lifestyles: A Mental Health, Nutrition and Physiotherapy Collaboration - Michele MacDonald-Werstuck and Lynn Dykeman
1E Mind Over Mood in Primary Care - Adrienne Sloan and Mary Linda Burgess
1E Integrating Wellbeing Groups into Primary Care - Tena Hoekstra and Sheila Molyneaux
1F Building a Network with Primary Care to Provide Quality Mental Health Care: Challenges for the Brazilian Unified System - Debora Kirschbaum and Luis Sampaio
1F Primary Care Mental Health in England - Alan Cohen
2A Using the Internet to Support Our Clients in Managing Their Mental Health Symptoms - Anne Vagi
2A Summerville Family Health Team Online Help for Improving Mental Health
2A Mental Health, Mental Illness and Chronic Disease Prevention and Management in Ontario - Barbara Neuwelt
2A Self-Management in Primary Care - Susan Bird and Tracy Hussey
2B Sharing the Wealth: A Collaborative Model of Mental Health Services Across Six Different Community Health Centres - Kapri Rabin
2B Primary Care Initiative: Integration in Action
2B Enhancing Collaboration Through Shared Care in Peterborough: Family Health Teams and Mental Health Services - Shailesh Nadkarni
2C Facilitating Recovery Through Better Integration of Mental Health Occupational Therapy in Family Practice: Challenges and Opportunities - Francine Lemire and Terry Krupa
2C Ethnic Diversity, Primary Care and Pathways to Care for a First Episode of Psychosis - Suzanne Archie
2D Shaping Collaborative Processes: Influences of Professional and Organizational Identities - Denise Aube
2D Modeling Collaborative Interprofessional Education of Mental Health in Primary Care - Leslie Flynn
2D Educting Novice Mental Health Nurses to Work in the Shared Care System in Brazil: The Rewards and Challenges - Debora Kirschbaum
2E Mental Health Services in Primary Care: Dealing with Unique Boundary Issues and Dual Relationships - Renee Fitzpatrick
2E Guelph Family Health Team: Our Journey and Development - Jacqueline Guigue-Glaspell
2E Out in the Exam Room & Inside the EMR: Incorporating the PHQ-9 into Family Health Team Depression Care: Results of Two Pilot Sites - Leslie Born
2F Depression Education and Enhancement of Primary Care (DEEP Care) - David Haslam
2F Implementing Components of the Chronic Care Model to Improve Quality of Care for Anxiety and Depression in Quebec - Pasquale Roberge
2F Perinatal Mood Disorders: An Interdisciplinary Training Video - Rita van Dooren
3A Interprofessional Collaboration in Mental Health Care: A Historical Perspective - Joseph Burley
3B Developing Effective Collaboration in Children's Mental Health: One Question at a Time - Barry Sarvet and Read Sulik
3B Ontario College of Family Physicians Collaborative Mental Health Care Network: An 8-Year Review - Patricia Rockman and Jose Silveira
3B A Quality Improvement Initiative for Depression: Finally a Model for Use in Realistic Time - Helen Campbell
3C Collaboration in Progress: A Perspective on the Evolution of Collaborative Processes Within 15 Local Service Networks - Catherine Vallee
3C Collaborative Mental Health Care in the Canadian Forces - Randy Boddam
3D Renfrew County Child & Youth Mental Health Outreach: Strengths and Barriers to Implementation - Helen R. Spenser and Paula Cloutier
3D Child & Youth Issues: Who & How Can Mental Health Clinicians Help in a Primary Care Setting? - Tracy Lindberg
3D Child & Youth Mental Health Services in Primary Care - An "Innovative" Approach - Brenda Mills
3E An Interdisciplinary Response to a Community in Crisis: The Kurdish Family Project - Inge Schabort
3E Collaborative Care for Inner City Populations - Lorne Tugg and Carolyn Dewa
3E Shouting at the Walls: A Shared Care Approach to Working with Homeless and Vulnerably Housed Individuals - Beryl Campeau Larose
3F Collaboration Between Shared Mental Health Care and Behavioural Health Care Models in Family Practice Settings in Calgary - Penny Borghesan
Borghesan Table
3F Psychiatric Linkages Within Primary Care - Jennine Wismark and Crystal Degenhardt
4A Ensuring Primary Health Care in the Mental Health Care Setting: A Multi-Discplinary Approach - Annette Bradfield and Brenda Moore
4A The Whitby Mental Health Centre Metabolic and Weight Management Clinic: Maximizing Your Health, Minimizing Your Risk - Jane Miles
4B Enhancing Community Linkages for Better Anxiety and Depression Care in Primary Mental Health Services - Matthew Menear
4B Linking Community Mental Health, Psychiatry and Family Medicine - Joseph Burley
4C First Link: Reducing the Stigma of Dementia - Carrie McAiney
4C Partnerships to Improve the Management of Late-Life Depression in Primary Care - Jane McCusker
4D DrinkWise: A Primary Care Service Response for Risky Drinkers - Tracy Kirby and Brad LaForme
4D Short-Term Outcomes in Patients Attending a Primary Care-Based Addiction Shared Care Program - Lynn Wilson and Meldon Kahan
4E Interprofessional Mental Health Undergraduate Education: Lessons Learned - Olga Heath
4E Mental Health Needs Assessment 2007 and 2009 - Annette Dekker and Lynn Dykeman
4F How Can We Put the ACE Study into Practice? - Vince Felitti
Keynote Presentation The Next Ten Years: More Than Just Collaboration - Nick Kates
Keynote Presentation What is IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) and What Has It Achieved? - Alan Cohen
Keynote Presentation The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Relation to Adult Health and Well-Being - Vince Felitti
ACE Study Publications