In 2021, the Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference again partnered with the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association, our sister organization in the U.S., to present a joint conference. The conference offered more than 100 breakout sessions representing a diverse blend of topics and clinical, research, administrative, policy, or training issues. 

The conference included programming in innovative areas of collaborative and integrated healthcare, especially highlighting (though not limited to) the following:

• Socioeconomic, racial, and other inequities in healthcare with paths to move forward

• Actionable steps to bring equitable healthcare to all

• Telehealth sustainability and leveraging the virtual platform to reduce disparity.

Tuesday, October 19th ("Canada Day") was dedicated to exploring health equity as a human right, justice, and the future of collaborative mental health care in Canada. This dynamic day was interactive and featured a mix of presenters with the power to unite people and ideas, and propel action and policies. 

Presenters included:

  • Keynote speaker Bernice Downey presenting on Indigenous mental health and well-being: 'Debwaywin" (Truth) telling toward a reconciliation approach
  • Nick Kates providing the latest updates on collaborative care and presenting the new CPA/CFPC position paper, and
  • A panel discussion on how collaborative care can advance health equity with Maria Patriquin, Robert Wright, Mary Jane Hampton, Praseedha Janakiram and Christopher Mushquash.

    Video recordings of the following presentations are available:
  • Welcome and keynote ("Indigenous mental health and well-being") (CSC01 and CSC02) - Matt Burkey, Maria Patriquin, and Bernice Downey
  • Update on the field and awards presentation (CSC03 and CSC04) - Nick Kates, Nadiya Sunderji, Maria Patriquin, and Matthew Menear
  • Panel discussion ("Health Equity as a Human Right") and closing (CSC05, CSC06 and CSC07) - Maria Patriquin, Robert Wright, Christopher Mushquash, Praseedha Janakiram, Mary Jane Hampton, and Matt Burkey

This special day was hosted by the Canadian co-chairs and conference advisor.  It was followed by the joint integrated event with Canadian and American content from Wednesday, October 20th to Saturday, October 23rd. 

Many Canadian presentations are available below.  Access to recordings of all 2021 conference plenary and concurrent sessions as well as to Extended Learning Opportunities is available for purchase until August 31, 2022 at  

Click here to view the conference program. Please note that last-minute changes may not be included in the program.

Concurrent Sessions

A04 Implementation of a first responder operational stress injury clinic using the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF) and Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR): A paramedic perspective - Valerie Testa [View recording]  [View slides]

A07 ADHD in the university student population - assessment, diagnosis, collaborative treatment and the impact of digitalization - Alana Holt & Kyle Schwartz [View recording]  [View slides]

B07  What's up Doc? Systemic denial of burnout - Maria Patriquin [View recording] [View slides]

C07  Building addictions capacity in Ontario using the ECHO model during COVID-19 - Nitin Chopra, Wiplove Lamba, Jean-Paul Michael [View recording] [View slides]

C09  Creating youth-informed substance use curricula for peer support workers and other service providers - Roxanne Turuba, Anurada Amarasekera, Amanda Howard [View recording] [View slides]

D03  An exploration of youth engagement in a community-based program for mental health promotion - Anne Marie Creamer, Jean Hughes, Nicole Snow [View recording]  [View slides]

D05  Reaching further: Collaborative care in Sioux Lookout, Canada. A psychiatric consultation model to remote fly-in communities in Northern Ontario - John Haggarty, Kathleen Anderson  [View recording]  [View slides]

D07  Two-eyed seeing and substance use disorder - Barbara Mainguy, Lewis Mehl-Madrona, Patrick McFarlane  [View recording]  [View slides]

D09  Collaborative care initiative for mental health risk factors in dementia: anxiety, depression, and mild cognitive impairment - Nick Kates, Pallavi Dham  [View recording]  [View slides]

E03  Acceptance as the first step to inner harmony: a qualitative analysis of participant responses to the Online BreathingRoom™ Mental Health Program - Allan Donsky, Abigail Williams  [View recording]  [View slides]

F03  Advancing racial equity together: what partnerships are community-based child and youth mental health agencies engaging in? - Evangeline Danseco, Julia Kurzawa, Christal Huang, Gabi Lucente  [View recording]  [View slides]

F07  Evidence-informed rapid resource development and research in response to a global crisis: the COVID-19 Readiness Resource Project - Valerie Testa, Alexandra Heber  [View recording]  [View slides]

G06  Teaching behavioural sciences to family medicine residents: the "shared care approach" - Jon Davine  [View recording]  [View slides]

G07  Building mental health capacity: exploring the role of adaptive expertise in the ECHO virtual learning model - Sanjeev Sockalingam, Allison Crawford, Anne Kirvan, Chantalle Clarkin, Javed Alloo  [View recording]  [View slides]

H06  Approaches to integrate mental health services in primary care: a scoping review of system-level barriers and enablers to implementation - Dane Mauer-Vakil, Sara Allin, David Rudoler, Nadiya Sunderji  [View recording]  [View slides]  [View handout]

H10  Physician-led cognitive behaviour therapy groups: timely, accessible, successful for telehealth - Erin Burrell, Erjean Bennett, Oshin Maheshwari [View recording]  [View slides]

I04  Evaluating virtual mental health care during the COVID-19 pandemic: how to conduct a multi-level, mixed-methods evaluation of a system's shift to virtual care - Julia Kurzawa, Evangeline Danseco, Christal Huang  [View recording]  [View slides]

I07  Integrated youth health services: global lessons to optimize health, equity, experiences, and outcomes for diverse young people - Skye Barbic,  Jason Trethowan, Joseph Duffy, Joanna Henderson, Steve Mathias [View recording

J05  Collaboration in emergency mental health care: from community to paramedic services - Polly Ford-Jones  [View recording]  [View slides]

J07  Foundry Works: Towards the integration of supported employment/ecuation as a core service offered to young people accessing integrated youth health services in British Columbia - Skye Barbic, Diana Alqutub, Matthew Warner, Rick Dubras, Steve Mathias, Karen Tee, Cassia Warren, Anna-Joy Ong, Halley Turnbull, Alayna Ewert  [View recording]  [View slides]

K01  Strides Toronto: Provincial youth outreach worker program - making connections and delivering care to marginalized populations across Ontario - David Willis, Matthew Brown  [View recording]  [View slides]

K07  Together is better. Group medical visits: transforming access and isolation - Maria Patriquin, Robin Stamm, Lisa Galvez, Leila Shaw  [View recording]  [View slides]

L06  A third-year program in psychiatry for family doctors - Jon Davine  [View recording]  [View slides]

M03  Supporting children and adolescents' mental health in the context of pandemic and confinement: a scoping review of repercussions, interventions and ethical challenges - Michèle Desmarais, Geneveave Barbo, Emilie Laberge Perrault, Marjorie Montreuil  [View recording]  [View slides]

M07  SCOPE (Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience) Mental Health Program: evaluation protocol and rapid adaptation in the era of COVID-19 - Jamie Smith, Blanca Bolea, Pauline Pariser  [View recording]  [View slides]

Thank you to everyone who presented at and/or attended the conference! 

Dr. Matt Burkey and Dr. Maria Patriquin, Conference co-chairs 

Dr. Nadiya Sunderji, Conference Advisor