FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2018


The rewards and challenges of collaborating with families and other health professionals
Dr. Susan McDaniel and Dr. Thomas Campbell

Power for the people and of the people: 25 years of empowerment
Ms. Jennifer Chambers



Works in Progress* Reducing wait times and making best use of mental health resources in a small, rural clinic (#72)
Flora McKay

Works in Progress* Mental health on-the-go: An exploration of single-session counselling and crisis support for homeless and underhoused populations in a mobile service setting (#20)
Andrea Westbrook

Pathways to mental health services for youth in care: An opportunity for enhanced collaborative practices (#74)
Kathleen MacDonald, Lise Laporte, Lyne Desrosiers and Srividya N. Iyer

Laughing like crazy (#122)

A family caregiver's story (#11)
Carole Ann Alloway

Works in Progress* People-powered digital health solutions (#8)
Katie Robinette

Works in Progress* National spread of BC Practice Support Program based on idea/work, luck and results (#97)
Dr. Rivian Weinerman and Dr. Nina Makkur

Involving families and carers in youth mental health: Collaborating with service providers across cultures and promoting family peer support (#73)
Mary Anne Levasseur, Dr. Srividya Iyer and Dr. Manuela Ferrari

Care coordination can enable interagency collaboration in providing comprehensive mental health care for persons with severe and persistent mental illness (#6)
Dr. Anton Isaacs

Exploring the ethos of collaboration - Augustina's story (#96)
Augustina Ampofo

The importance of embedding nutrition as an essential aspect of mental health care: It's more than just eating well! (#33)
Tricia Brinn and Susan Smith

An incentive model to improve quality care of common mental disorders in Ontario Family Health Teams - Findings of a grounded theory study (#58)
Dr. Rachelle Ashcroft, Dr. Jose Silveira and Dr. Matthew Menear

Patients' experiences: A scoping review in integrated care (#61)
Alaa Youssef

Drivers and facilitators of QI at two FHTs: A mental health lens (#81)
Dr. Priya Vasa, Allyson Ion and Dr. Ann Stewart 


How to use a quality framework to guide implementation and evaluation of collaborative mental health care (#91)
Abbas Ghavam-Rassoul, Priya Vasa, Allyson Ion, Ann Stewart and Gwen Jansz

Walking the path pilot project: Improving service pathways between primary care and community-based child and youth mental health services (#25)
Dr. Mario Cappelli and Laura Kelly

Parents' experience of caring for an adolescent with a mood disorder (#10)
Robert Meadus, Tanya Purchase, Weldon Bonnell, Rajive Rajan, Kimberley St. John, Hubert White and Leslie Wheeler

Collaboration from the inside out: An evaluation framework for a child and youth mental health collaborative care model (#59)
Eunice Lee, Hana Saab and Rose Geist

The overdose crisis: Reflections through stories, Collaborating across cultures (#35)
Frank Crichlow, Matt Johnson, Zoe Dodd, Nick Boyce, Jason Altenberg and Lynne Raskin

We Care podcast (#22)
Lucinda McGroarty, Diana Raymond-Watts and Priscilla Tang

Alberta PCNs work together to present their progress in integrated behavioural health (#69)
Kent A. Corso, Regan Paddington, Melodie Letwin, Micheline Nimmock, Shelley Porter, Heather Lyseng, Sharon Pelletier, Jessica Schuab, Lori Deverdenne, Laura Ewatski, Treena Klassen and Abbie Skrove 

P is for Political: Participatory design and rebalancing the power differential (#117)
Tai Huynh



Shark Tank: Competition to evaluate collaborative care - moderated by Dr. Nick Kates
Dr. Jennifer Funderburk and Dr. Jodi Polaha



Works in Progress* How to set up and run patient wellness groups for physical and mental health in Ontario family practice (#65)
Dr. Carlos Yu, Anita Iacono, Dr. Vivian Lo, Sarah MacDonald and Jeffrey Yu

Works in Progress* The Interpersonal and Mindfulness Group (I AM Group): Using interpersonal and mindfulness-based group psychotherapy to enhance the sense of belonging (for diverse and medically complex patients) in an in-patient complex rehabilitation setting (#12)
Dr. Seema Khan and Susan MacRae

How can we evaluate and improve collaborative mental health care across Canada: A consultation session to develop nationally relevant and useful quality indicators (#118)
Dr. Nadiya Sunderji, Bonita Varga, Dr. Matt Menear, Dr. Gwen Jansz and Francine Knoops

An approach to developing a regional system for providing mental health care in rural and remote communities (#43)
Dr. Supuneet Bismil and Dr. Jack Haggarty

The Huron Community FHT Myndplan Project: Implementing client-centred, empirically-based stepped care mental health treatment into a real-life clinical setting (#45)
Dr. Robert Shepherd

Meeting the demand in Ontario for faster access to psychotherapy services (#87)
Harriet Ekperigin and Anna Piszczkiewicz

How to train health professionals across the continuum of professional development to work together (#13)
Dr. Olga Heath and Dr. Tyla Charbonneau

Implementing a quality framework in collaborative mental health care: Advancing best practices in a community-hospital partnership (#17)
Rosalie Steinberg and Ann Marie MacDonald

Implementing the collaborative care quality framework to assess and strengthen the clinical, rehabilitation and residential relocation processes for Alternate Level of Care (ALC) service users at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute (#77)
Eleanor McGroarty

The intricacies of intentional collaboration: 15 years of shared care in Winnipeg (#119) (2018 CFPC/CPA Collaborative Mental Health Care Award - Large Institutionally-Based Program)
Dr. Randy Goossen

Collaborative mental wellness care in Sipekne'katik First Nation - Lessons learned working in an Indigenous community (#98)
Brian Knockwood, Dr. Tiffany O'Donnell and Dr. Aruna Dhara

Delivering Problem-Solving Therapy-Primary Care (PST-PC) as part of a low-threshold team-based HIV primary care practice transformational model (#88)
Dr. Roberta De Oliveira, Rebecca Weiss and Iris Gutierrez

Integrating mental health and diabetes management - a collaborative care model (#27)
Dr. Ian Zenlea, Sheryl Parks, Dr. Judith Versloot, Dr. Elizabeth Mansfield and Gaya Amirthavasar

Collaborative care model for depression, anxiety and mild cognitive impairment among older adults (#137)
Pallavi Dham and Nick Kates

Expanding access to psychotherapy: Mapping lessons learned from Australia and the United Kingdom to the Canadian context (#99)
Dr. Mary Bartram, Francine Knoops and Bonita Varga


Works in Progress* Intersectoral collaboration for children and adolescents mental health care: A preliminary research report within the public system in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (#44)
Melissa Ribeiro-Teixeira

Recovery-oriented practice and the patient's medical home: Consultation on College of Family Physicians of Canada's Best Advice Guide (#66)
Francine Knoops, Bonita Varga and Artem Safarov

Seniors Crisis Services Initiative: Collaboration across LHINs and sectors for client-centred care (#48)
Julia Chao

The Centre for Seniors' Medical Psychiatry: Caring for seniors with coexisting physical illness and depression/anxiety through integrated collaborative care with primary care providers (#15)
Joanne Chen, Christine Dias and Dr. Judith Versloot

SCOPE (Seamless Care Optimizing the Patient Experience) Mental Health Program: Bridging the gap between primary care and the mental health care system (#70)
Jamie Smith and Dr. Jennifer Hensel

Training psychiatric residents for collaborative mental health care: Development of University of Toronto's integrated mental health care training experience (#75)
Kristina Powles, Andrea Levinson, Mike Neszt and Natasha Snelgrove

Teaching behavioural sciences to family practice residents: the "shared care" approach (#4)
Dr. Jon Davine

PARTNERs Project (#28, 36, 85 and 95)
Vanessa Garofalo, Eleni Kelly, Alexandra Kubica, Salaha Zaheer and Annie Zhu 

Creating a positive space at the Hamilton Family Health Team (#50)
Tim Elliot and Jackie Bootsma

A life worth living: Effecting change in homelessness and mental health through collaborative education (#138)
Draigan LeFebvre and Samuel Gruszecki

Collaborative Mental Health Network: A mentoring program (#26)
Dr. Helen R. Spenser, Dr. Arun Radhakrishnan, Dr. Millaray Sanchez and Dr. Cindy Sabatino

Sub-Plenary Sessions
Collaborating across cultures to promote mental health and recovery
Dr. Kenneth Fung

Don't let the bed bugs bite: Lessons learned in collaborating across cultures
Dr. Carole A. Cohen