June 23 - 25, 2011 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the 12th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care conference! 

Sincere regards,

Planning Committee, 12th Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference 
Videos of keynote presentations and all recorded sessions from the 2011 conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia are available online. For subscription information, please click here .  

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Conference Objectives

The conference objectives are:

To demonstrate evidence-informed, innovative and progressive examples of  collaborative mental health care;

To showcase the principles and impact of consumer, family and peer support integration in collaborative mental health care;

To develop a critical & practical understanding of factors that lead to challenges and successes in collaborative mental health care delivery;

To energize and broaden potential networks of interest in collaborative mental health care – during and beyond the conference; we seek to engage consumers, citizens, families & a variety of service providers from diverse communities & value systems.



Click here to view the full conference program.  Please note that there were some last-minute changes that are not reflected in this program.

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Meriden Family Programme Pre-conference Institute: "Establishing Effective Triangles of Care – Making It Real": Developing partnerships with people with lived experience of mental health difficulties and families in mental health care

Presenter: Dr Gráinne Fadden

Presenter: Mr. Chris Mansell

Presenter: Dr. David Shiers 

"Understanding Mental Wellness" and "What Is Mental Wellness? Are You Flourishing or Languishing?"

Presenter:  Dr. Corey Keyes

"Moving from Health Care to Health - Health Informatics as a Catalyst"

Presenter: Dr. Robert Kolodner  

"PEC - Protest, Educate and (Make) Contact: An anti-stigma, research-based advocacy campaign"

Presenter:  Dr. Manon Charbonneau

Presenter: Dr. Pippa Moss


"What Gets in the Way of Collaborative Care?"

Presenter: Dr. Isser Dubinsky


"You Arrive" - A performance piece that captures the development of the child's mind and the effects of parenting

Presenters: Bonnie Harnden and Actors


Mental Health Commission of Canada
 "Together We Can Transform the Mental Health System"
Presenter: Louise Bradley

"Social Accountability:What We Expect from the Mental Health Care System"
Presenter:  Claudette Bradshaw

"Health Law in Mental Health Care: A Relational Approach to Decision-Making Capacity" and "A Relational Approach to Health Law: Its Application in Mental Health"
Presenter: Sheila Wildeman

"Age and Gender: Two Neglected Aspects of Mental Health Surveillance"
"When Collaboration with Consumers and Families Works: Drawing from the Lessons of Working with Providers"
Presenter: Laura Burke

"The Evolution of Collaborative Mental Health Care in Canada: A Shared Vision for the Future" - Launch of the 2011 Position Paper
Presenter: Nick Kates


You can view the video-recorded keynote and concurrent session presentations from the 2011 conference by subscribing at The PowerPoint presentations are below.    

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Concurrent Session 1

Virtual Emergency Room: Using Technology to Reach Youth in Crisis - Jane Thompson (#3974)

Pathways to Resilience: Collaborative Care for Multiple Service-Using Youth - Linda Liebenberg, Nicole Landry, Janice Ikeda, Miia Suokonautio, Michael Ungar (#3983, #4023, #4018)

Concurrent Session 2

Mind Power: Mindfulness-Based Resiliency Skills - Stephen J. Paquette (#4083)

A Model for a Collaborative Approach to Service Delivery: Follow-up Next Day Service - Judy Elliot and Mary Pyche (#3992)

An Anti-Stigma CME for Family Physicians and Specialists - Mood Disorders Society of Canada  (#3975)

Concurrent Session 3

Understanding Mental Illness - Corey Keyes

Quantitative Assessment of Partnership in Youth Mental Health Collaborative Care: Results of a Montreal Study - Lucie Nadeau (#4015)

The Restless Pillow: Treating Insomnia iin Primary Care - Judith Davidson (#3896)
     The Restless Pillow: Treating Insomnia in Primary Care Handouts

Pandora's Box - Gillian McCulloch (#4042)

Concurrent Session 4

Integrative Spirituality: New Models of Energetic Health - David Maginley

Happiness Groups Decrease Depression & Pain and Increase Happiness, Vitality, & Social Life - Louise Lambert (#3901)

Teaching Future Health Professionals: Clients' Impressions and Experiences - Leslie Matheson, Anne Godden-Webster, Susan Nasser (#4026)

Concurrent Session 5

Incredible Years, Incredible Collaboration - Judy Elliot and Monique Yazbek (#3948)

Teaching Behavioral Sciences to Family Practice Residents - The "Shared Care" Approach - Jon Davine (#3979)

A Third Year Program in Psychiatry for Family Doctors - Jon Davine (#4084)

Recovering the Future: College Pathways to Education and Employment - Georgia Quartaro, Jaswant Kaur Bajwa, Tony Priolo (#4020)

Concurrent Session 6

A Collaborative Interprofessional Approach to Teaching Behavioural Arts and Sciences - Nadiya Sunderji, Batya Grundland, Joanne Raper (#3978)

Expanding the Continuum of Mental Health Care in P.E.I. (storyboard) - BobbiJo Flynn (#4022)


Friday, June 24, 2011

Concurrent Session 1

Fighting Stigma with Peer-Led Education - Amy Yashinsky & Malkia Maisha Newman (#4061)

Peer Services: Working with the Experts: Exploration of the Multi-Level Involvement of Consumers in the Recovery Model - Faith Paul & Michelle Knox (#4051)

Community Approach to Collaborative Practice: The African Nova Scotian Experience - Cheryl Ann Beals, Lana McLean, Donna Smith (#4021)

Beacon House: Building Collaboration with Families and Partners (storyboard) - Pam Langille, Pam McKinley, Roger Cann (#3919)

The Child Welfare and Hamilton Family Health Team Community Partnership Project - Vicki Peirce, Marsha Kooiman, Peggy Carter-Arrowsmith, Brenda Mills (#4039)

How Do Family Physicians View Use of Self-Care Tools by Depressed Adults? - Mark J. Yaffe, Jane McCusker, Erin Strumpf (#3910)

Concurrent Session 2

Attachment - Helen Spenser & Bonnie Harnden (#3908)

Managing Depression in Primary Care: Formative Evaluation of a Manitoba Health Initiative - Julie Beaulac (#3982)

Does It Really Work? Evaluation and Policy Support for Integrated Care - Becky Hayes Boober (#4048)

Building Bridges 2: A Pathway to Cultural Safety - Bill Mussell & Phil Upshall (#4001)

Tradition in the Modern Context: Combining Western and Aboriginal Approaches in Mental Health Delivery Services: Maliseet Nations Mental Wellness Team Project 'Ciw Wolakomiksuwakon - "For Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit"  Veronica Moonstream WolfEagle & Theresa Bartlett-Chase (#4068)

Listen, Learn, Engage: Using Digital and Social Media to Connect - Christina Carew & Stan Kutcher (#3892)

Concurrent Session 3

Screening and Monitoring Depression: Utilization of the PHQ-9 in the Family Practice Setting -  Douglas Green & Claudia Hampel (#4057)

Enhancing Depression Care: How Implementing the PHQ-9 Has Shaped Our Service Response - Leslie Born, Jackie Bootsma, Catherine McPherson-Doe (#4008)

Collaborative Care - An Example of Excellence from the UK - Aileen McGinty (#3925)

Working Together in Managing Chronic Mental Illness: The Power of Partnerships - Olga Heath, Pamela Ward, Joanne Simms, Anna Dominic, Tanis Adey, Susan Pardy, Ann Hollett, Ashley Walsh (#3869)

A Cross-Sectoral Network Screening Project: Building Collaboration and Learning About Youth Needs - Gloria Chaim & Joanna Henderson (#5000)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Concurrent Session 1

Team Dynamics in Collaborative Care - Samia Chreim, Robert Swenson, Colleen MacPhee, Katharine Gillis (#3942)

Reversed Shared Care in Mental Health: Bringing Primary Physical Health Care to Psychiatric Patients - Thomas Ungar, Stuart Goldman, Madalyn Marcus, Antoinette Wertman (#3937)

Keys to Success: Building an Effective Behavioural Health Consulting Team - Dennis Pusch & Bob Acton (#4009)

Aboriginal Suicide and Critical Incident Response Team Training - Lee Wittmann; Protocol and Building Relationships with First Nation Communities - "Wata" Christine Joseph; Working Collaboratively in the North Island Region - Michel Therrien (#3988)

Concurrent Session 2

Rise Up: Hope Starts Here - Crystal Degenhardt & Kimbereley Baker (#4030)

Navigating the Shoals, Charting the Possibilities: Exploring Family Life and the Forensic Patient - Lianne Nixon & Barry Banks (#3889)

Exploring Core Competencies for Mental Health and Addictions Work within the Family Health Team Setting - Brian Rush, Catherine McPherson-Doe, Renee C. Behrooz, Alan Cudmore (#4052)

Combining CBT & DBT Skills for Women in Primary Care: Women's Coping Group - Laura Lang & Bob Acton (#3936)

An Evaluation of the Engagement Process Used by the "Raising the Spirit" Mental Wellness Team - Susan Manitowabi (#4040)

Shared/Collaborative Care: Lessons Learned from the First 5 Years of the Ottawa Experience - Katharine Gillis, Doug Green, Robert Swenson, Colleen MacPhee, Donna Klinck, Pam Cooper, Claudia Hampel (#3985)
     Tools for Sharing:
     Effective Consultations: Psychiatry and the Family Physician
     Program Brochure for Patients and Family Health Team
     Wellness Group for Anxiety and Depression Overview
     Guide/Grid for Assessing/Completing Disability Documentation
     Shared Care Program Referral Form